About us



Coach Jim Clayton

People sometimes ask me when I plan to retire. They seem to think that I “deserve” to take it easy and put my feet up at this stage in my life. Maybe they believe retirement is a prize you win at the end of a long and healthy career. My prize is finding more ways to impact others. Right now in my career most are ready to call it quits. But the truth is I’m more conscious of the opportunities around me more than ever!



where it all began

We were the first basketball training facility in West Virginia and one of the first in the nation.  Our curriculum and training systems are used by coaches globally.  We don’t borrow, copy, or steal other people’s systems – we create it through experience and knowledge of what works. Ask yourself this question: would you rather learn from coaches that “wrote the book” on basketball training or the people who bought them?  We are the first, the original, and still the best!