Basketball Camps

SCU was developed and began training in 1992. To our knowledge, it was one of the first, if not the first, of its kind anywhere. The SCU program is broken down into a system of shooting, footwork, agility, quickness, and read that can be used in every aspect of the game. We are old school and believe in hard work with a purpose. We create success by design…not by chance. Our system encourages decisions and movements, not just robotics where players are afraid to make a play and a decision. Once a player develops the foundation of our system, he or she can transform the movements into any move today in transition or half court. Our system has been used all over the world, by players at every level and you have 24 hour access 365 to our online training on our YouTube channel.

  • Co-ed, Ages 8-17, 10AM-3PM, August 3-5: $250


    This camp is a must for players who continuously struggle with their shooting and offensive game. Every phase of shooting will be covered and you will gain the confidence you need to succeed. Grip it and rip it!! Are you ready? Don't spend another season laying bricks!