• Co-ed, Ages K-2nd, $275, Max 8 Teams

    Jr. NBA Basketball League

    You can’t throw a 5, 6, 7, year old a basketball and say, “let’s play basketball”. It takes time, tons of practice, as well as the perfect environment for learning to occur. Our Jr. NBA is a unique program developed over 20 years ago to give all beginning players the chance to learn right, have fun as fundamental and key elements strive for learning, it’s not just about winning. We have the perfect facility, perfect size rings, and basketballs. Everything in the game is brought down to their level. Our games don’t look like rugby with a basketball. We have one coach, one referee, and parents sit and cheer without screaming and cursing. Our goal is to build up each player and make this experience the dream of a lifetime. Practice and games will never be cancelled with the exception of severe snow conditions. Our Jr. NBA players are the top guns of the winter here at SCU. Our games last 40 minutes, not 24 minutes, and every player gets equal playing time. We play a complete schedule with a tournament and season ending pizza party. So, if you have a beginning player in Kindergarten through 2nd grade who is starting out on their basketball journey, our Jr. NBA program is the only place to be, hands down the best show in town. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to help your child have a blast introduction to this great game.