Boy’s Old School Camp: July 8-10, 9AM-4PM



This camp is designed to develop and teach basketball skills. It will emphasize fundamental basketball and overall player development. Daily instruction and stations will focus on dribbling, ball handling, shooting, rebounding, and defensive techniques. Campers will compete on teams in order to apply their individual skills to the team concept.

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This camp is for boys in grades 3-9 looking to continue developing the basic concepts of the game.

This camp will continue to build on the player’s foundation: enabling them to grow their game from year to year.

This fundamentals camp teaches:

  • Our SCU Scoring System
  • Our SCU Shooting System and footwork
  • Our offensive point system and reads
  • Our 1 on 1 moves that work and get you by defenders
  • Our passing system to eliminate massive turnovers during the season
  • How to play without the ball instead of just running around getting in everyone’s way
  • How to guard and help your teammates on defense
  • How to do all this in 2 on 2
  • How to screen, slip, and flare
  • How to hedge in defense
  • How to play 3 on 3 using all our shooting, moves, reads, and angle attacks to keep the defense off balance

It’s a system that works and can be transferred to any team or offense your team runs
Our camp creates confidence because growing means making mistakes and they are welcome in our camp.
This camp is again taught by the master of the system – Coach Jim Clayton. He created the system and has updated it as the game has changed.
It is a must for players looking to learn, drill, skill, and impact. It is not for the basic beginner who isn’t ready for in your face competition. We will be using our state-of-the-art technology in ball handling, shooting, footwork to make this happen. We are the only camp around to have all this technology available.
This camp is physically challenging but each player can grasp the tools needed to take it up a notch and be a contender next season…not a pretender.
Camp is limited to 40 players. Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Sign up today and bring a teammate. You’ll be glad you did!!


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