College Prep Camp: July 22-24, 10AM-8PM(First 2 days) 9AM-4PM(last day)


This is an upper level camp for serious and advanced players. It will challenge each player both mentally and physically.

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This is the top camp at Sports City U Basketball Academy. It is open to upper level players grass 9-12. Some exceptions will be made for more elite 8th graders.
This CPC lasts 3 days and we are only accepting 40 total players… 20 boys and 20 girls.
The camp is broken down into 3 training sessions per day and a classroom session on player leadership.
Session #1 starts each morning at 10am and goes until 1pm. The morning session is individual skills and is extremely demanding player intense. We will work on game shooting, footwork, ball handling, conditioning, passing, shooting off of one and two dribbles…all in real game situations.
Lunch will be from 1pm-2pm
Session #2 will run from 2pm-5pm. It will focus on 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 player development in real game situations. This is total game application with focus on passing and playing without the ball.
Dinner will be from 5pm-6pm followed by a classroom session on player leadership.
Session #3 will be from 6pm-8pm and will be totally focused on actual game application and competition from 1-on-1 half court to 1-on-1 transition. It will continue with 2-on-2, 3-on-3, all the way to 5-on-5. All aspects of the training during the day will be used in the competition. This is live with actual defense and pressure. These scrimmages will have some form of control and teaching. Players now have to go from robots to actual players and make plays off of basic sets.
The players will compete while staff grades and analyzes their decision making ability as well as skills.


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