Jr. Phenom


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This training will be following a new format to insure the best training and player assessment possible. We will be using the “old school” junior high scaling system. (7th-9th grade).

1st hour: Each player will receive 1 hour of shooting, ball handling, passing, defensive, footwork, moves, ½ court & transition, rim finishes, and move to build a solid foundation.

2nd hour: they will be broken down into (4) 4 on 4 teams. They will play (3) 16 minute games using various formats.

Game #1: 3 on 3 cross court play

Game #2: 3 on 3 ½ court big 3 style (no transition)

Game #3: The teams will be joined into a 5 on 5 full court game for 28 minutes. All players play equal time. This format will ensure great skill training , various assessments to build a strong game, both physically and mentality. Cost is $300


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