Open Run/Lift



Saturdays 10:30-12:30




The design of this class is to get it all in one trip to the gym. This course is divided into 3 segments.

Segment #1: Individual shooting, handles, footwork (all aspects)

  1. Dribble pull up
  2. Catch and shoot
  3. Rim finishes
  4. Foul shots
  5. 3 point shots
  6. Mid range game
  7. Passing
  8. Footwork
  9. Condition
  10. Playing without the ball
  11. Attacking the rim.

Segment #2

  1. 3 on 3 Short court games with pressure defense
  2. 3 on 3 ½ court big 3 style (no transition)
  3. 5 on 5 full court/ get it on. This is full throttle using all of the pieces learned to ensure a solid all around game

Segment #3

Without a doubt STRENGTH is a major role I being a great player. So many players struggle to find the right training for basketball in regards to weight training. All aspects of basketball will be used in our training:

  1. Upper body explosion
  2. Hips and leg workouts
  3. Vertical jump explosion
  4. Sleds
  5. Stretch bands/ resistance training
  6. Everything that most gyms don’t have.

This program will be like NO OTHER. Directed by Pro Player in Australia, Jackson Hussey. These workouts will be spot on to create the best of the best. Learn what the keys are to strength, explosion, flexibility, and acceleration.


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