Playmakers 3on3 (8th & 9th Grades)


March 9th – May 6th

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This class and league has been the most popular class since we incorporated it many years ago. Each player will work on fundamental skill training that’s used in the games for 30 minutes. (Shooting, ball handling moves, ½ court & transition). Passing, playing without the ball, team work, etc. The next (30) minutes will be a combination of game strategy, screening, running, basket cuts, slip screens, screen away, spacing, and moves. Each week we will cover man to man, defensive concepts to help guard the ball. Then we will divide into (4) teams of (4) players and play (3) 16 minute games with one substitution per team. Every player plays 12 minutes out of each 16 min game. 3 on 3 provides tons of touches, opportunities to see the court better, use your teammates, more scoring opportunities, onto ball handling moves. It teaches players how to play and not be a robot. We don’t teach positions, we teach sills. Versatility is the key in the game today. Cost of the program is $300


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